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Yup, it's a maternity belt too!

Hi, I'm Emily! I was the pregnant one in the very first Flatter:Me photo shoot - yep, the one that went into labor just 10 hours later (note from Claire: um, I have the best friends in the world). I'm expe...

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Flatter:Me is growing - meet Kristina!

Up to now, the Flatter:Me team has consisted of the generous friends and family who have offered their time, expertise, and buckle-testing/packaging/sending abilities. However - there was always going to ...

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Four steps to a secure Flatter:Me Belt

Flatter:Me customer Randi wrote me a concerned email saying, "I often have a difficult time getting the clasp to stay flat enough to close properly" - and I knew it was time for a blog post! Here's a little ...

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