It's Raining Man: Introducing Steve

It's Raining Man: Introducing Steve



There's nothing more exciting as a business owner than to see your team grow. You probably already know that our mission from Day One has been to create quality jobs in Shanghai... but now that I'm living back in my hometown of Edmonton, we've got a really neat opportunity to build up our team here at our Canadian HQ. Learning how to be a boss is challenging, scary... and necessary, because if there's a single thing I never want to sacrifice as we grow, it's providing an awesome customer experience. You deserve it!

Steve and I go way back to my pre-China days, when I was studying industrial design at the University of Alberta. As one of my instructors, he helped me find real delight in solving problems instead of making stuff - and I still can't justify the latter without the former. His wife and three daughters have been FMB customers since Day One, and he lends a depth of experience to our office family, along with a little gender balance and an appreciation of good coffee that rivals even my own. 

But you're not here to hear from me. Enter the gentleman:


I’m thrilled to be joining Claire and Kristina as the newest member of the Flatter:Me Team! What started as an invitation to have Claire come and speak to my MacEwan Design Studies class about the mighty Flatter:Me Belts turned into an exciting conversation about how I could play a part in Flatter:Me’s plans to conquer the belt world. Actually…our conversation started even a few years earlier when Claire walked into my Industrial Design class at the University of Alberta and impressed me with her candour, laser-beam insights and brilliance. (Ed. note - we don't hold back on mutual compliments here at FMB.) It’s come full circle and I’m now learning at the feet of one of my students. Super cool, I say.

I’m the one at the shipping desk who writes those little notes thanking you for your orders and making sure that what you ordered online is what arrives in your mailbox. A few research projects and getting to know Flatter:Me keep me hopping at one of the coolest companies I’ve met.

The days that I’m not in the Flatter:Me office, I’m either teaching a Design Studies class at MacEwan University, playing or teaching piano or accordion, touring with my Celtic band, or sitting in a café with my lovely wife, Culley. 

Thank you, dear Flatter:Me friends, for being a huge part of what makes this company click. 


Claire again! I really want to emphasize this - you (yes, you!) have actually made a real-life job possible by purchasing and sharing Flatter:Me Belts. Thank you. 

You can reach Steve at steve (at) flattermebelts (dot) com, or make his day by leaving him a sneaky note in your order comments... and Celtic music fans should definitely check out his awesome band, Celtara.