Flatter:Me when you're expecting - Part II – Unbelts Canada

Flatter:Me when you're expecting - Part II


This pregnancy has flown by! I'm a bit late posting as I've just come back from a long visit with my family in the U.S. (I had to go before I was too uncomfortable to fly!). These days, I'm using my Flatter:Me to snug up my maternity jeans. Maternity jeans are amazing – wearing them is similar to being in yoga pants all day because they’re both made out of stretchy material.  

However, at this point, my belly is a bit too small to hold up the top part “belly band” part, so it slides down - which in turn causes the jeans part to slide down, too. Constantly hitching up my pants isn't exactly a good look for me... but by threading my Flatter:Me through the jeans’ belt loops (funnily enough, most maternity jeans have them), they stay up - and I just let the belly band slide down under my bump. Comfy and snug – everybody’s happy!

I also have some news to share: it's a girl! Let the nursery-decorating begin!