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Yup, it's a maternity belt too!

Hi, I'm Emily! I was the pregnant one in the very first Flatter:Me photo shoot - yep, the one that went into labor just 10 hours later (note from Claire: um, I have the best friends in the world). I'm expecting my second baby this fall, and, having gotten a lot of wear out of my Flatter:Me the first time around, I thought I'd show you how I use my belts during The Great Fluctuation of Weight called pregnancy.

This time around, I felt even more bloated sooner. I am still managing to wear my regular jeans, but there's no way to button them without being super uncomfortable. Lots of women have heard of the 'hair-tie looped around the button' trick to let you stay in your non-maternity jeans longer - but I realized that Flatter:Me does the same thing, and I think it looks a little classier. You just leave your top button undone, and loosen the belt as you need the extra inches round your middle. (Also, I realized leaving that button undone gives you less of a muffin-top look and more of a round baby bump.)

I'm currently 18 weeks along, and I'll be back in a few weeks with the latest... in the meantime, any other moms out there who've tried Flatter:Me through pregnancy?