Why our models say #INeedAnUnbelt, too

Why our models say #INeedAnUnbelt, too

Welp, jeans season is back - and with it, all the usual fit problems. (Ever tried to hitch up your jeans with a pumpkin spice latté in one hand? Don’t try. It ends badly.)

Since we launched in 2011 (under our former name), we’ve met a lot of women, and heard a lot - I mean, literally thousands - of fit confessions. We call them “confessions” because of the kind of heartbreaking way women explain why jeans don’t fit their bodies. My bum is too big, so my jeans gape at the waist! Or, I have no butt, so my pants sag. Or, my thighs are bigger than my calves, so I have to buy skinny jeans a size up.

I’m no exception. I always blamed my (in retrospect, adorable, perky, and enviable) bubble butt for making my jeans fit weird. How dare my body grow in a way that didn’t suit Gap’s offerings?

A few months and a few hundred fit conversations into this business, though, I realized that fit issues with jeans and pants are… pretty much universal. Like, universal enough that we can actually name them. It’s, um, not women’s bodies’ fault that pants fit weird. IT’S THE PANTS’ FAULT. (Say it with us.) And until those pants ready to admit they have a problem, Team Unbelts is here for you.

Here are our top four denim fit issues. If you can relate, post a pic of your jeans’ fit problem (again, friends, it’s their issue, not yours - let’s draw some boundaries here) with the hashtag #INeedAnUnbelt. We draw a winner for one of our very own pant-keeper-uppers every single month.

Lindsey, Claire, and Kristina


Top 4 Denim Fit Issues (and 1 Dress Fit Challenge)


1. Plumber... tush

“I almost always get plumber issues with my b*tt c*ack.” Our model Beverley (@hellobeverley) lets you fill in the gaps.

“I’m a curvy lady, and with that comes that gap in the back.” Bodacious model Sarah (@luzzara)


2. The belt-loop hitch-up

“I have to stop and hike up my jeans when I'm walking.” - Bev

I have to yank my jeans up every time I stand up from my desk. Nobody wants to be doing the yankin’ dance all day.” - Sarah




3. Tummy poke


“I've been more of a waist-y gal my whole life - I never had the big booty and thighs. (Perhaps you may know this as the ‘apple’ shape.) This was always a struggle for me because buckles would constantly dig into my belly.” - Marketing manager Lindsey, who thinks apples are delicious

PS -  “If you undo that top button, your Unbelt allows you to be *way* more flexible throughout your day. This trick comes in suuuper handy for buffets. Trust me on this one.” - Lindsey again, just in time for Thanksgiving season


4. Stretchy jean sag


“Let’s just say I appreciate the power of a mini butt-lift. A new mama’s gotta feed what’s left of her ego.” - Claire, who’s pretty sure she’s not just speaking for herself

“You know when that ‘slightly stretchy’ becomes ‘not-so-slightly stretched’ and you get saggy jeans bum? Yeah - that’s the worst.” -Kristina, operations manager with legs for days and no patience for jeans that don’t serve up fierce fit 


5. A dress dressing-up


“I prefer to wear dresses instead of jeans, and my problem is that my dresses can be a little informal. Adding my favourite Unbelt and pairing the outfit with a cardigan transforms my regular dress into something more formal.” - model Funmi (@fo_photography), who knows how to amp up a look in thirty seconds or less.


Sarah & Funmi




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