The Why Behind Unbelts

The Why Behind Unbelts

Hi, all! Well, we’ve pulled back the curtain - we’re officially rebranding. It’s an exciting time (if a little terrifying), and we can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got in store for you. In the meantime, though, we bet you’ve got a few questions.

Here’s everything we think you might be wondering - but if there’s more we can answer, by all means, reach out!

Until Unbelts’ launch on July 1, we’ll be @flattermebelts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and emailable at After July 1, we’ll be @unbelts and - but don’t worry, all our old email addresses will automatically redirect.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Unbelts updates at - until June 30, you’ll get $5 off your first Unbelts order, as well as the chance to earn sweet, sweet freebies for telling your friends about us.

Above all? You and our spectacular customers are the only reason we’ve come this far. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us get here - and beyond.


the why behind unbelts


The FAQ’s

Why are you leaving the name Flatter:Me Belts behind?

  1. We love puns, but we’re really not cool with implying women should be flatter. Flat, roundy, somewhere in between for six days every month - you-shaped is more than good enough for us.
  2. We hear this a lot: “I never wear belts.” We get it; we used to say it, too. We needed a name that would make it clear that our pant-keeper-upper is utterly unlike others - unpinchy, unbulky, undetectable under tees, unusually comfortable... You see where we’re going.
  3. A giant U.K. department store trademarked “Flatter Me” for a line of bras a couple of years ago. If we ever want to cross the Atlantic on our quest for world belt domination, we can’t be getting our butts sued.


What’s with the name Unbelts? Why is your tagline “Change Everything”?

  • We wanted a simple name that would communicate what sets us apart from regular belts. We tried approximately a million different names… but this one stuck.
  • Change Everything refers to the change we’re trying to make from the beginning of our supply chain to you, our customers. We’re on a mission to change the way brands talk about their products’ manufacturing stories; in particular, we’re going beyond “Made in” and focusing on “Made by” - it’s the people who matter, and the conditions under which they work. We’re also heck-bent on changing the way you feel in your body and in your jeans. The fashion industry is starting to cater more to shoppers’ diverse shapes and sizes, but not quickly enough for us. Unbelts is about mobility, flexibility, and freedom, and we know it’s going to take change to get there.


Is everything going to change?

  •  Our buckles. We had such a positive response to our 2016 limited-edition matte silver and gold buckles that we decided to use them on Unbelts instead of Flatter:Me’s distressed hardware. It’s a classy look. We think you’ll love it.
  • Some packaging updates. You’ll notice a cleaner look across the board.
  • Our website and social accounts. After July 1, our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts will be renamed @unbelts, and our website will be ( will automatically redirect to our Unbelts sites.) (You will have the opportunity to open a new account on our wholesale site.)


What’s not changing?

  • The belts. With the exception of new matte hardware, the invisible belts you know and love will be exactly the same.
  • Our prices. Unbelts will be $35 MSRP - the same as Flatter:Me.
  • Our responsible manufacturing processes. We’ll be continuing to dig deeper and deeper into our supply chains, and we’ll be recertifying as a B Corporation.


I know you offer a 500-day warranty on Flatter:Me’s. What about after you rebrand?

  • We’ll honour our Flatter:Me return policy and warranty under Unbelts. If you need an exchange or belt repair, you’ll receive the Unbelt (or new component) that’s the closest match to your Flatter:Me. We’ll still have your original order data in our system, and will be offering our same post-purchase return/exchange (30 days) and warranty (500 days) periods.  


How do I contact you if I have more questions?

  • We’re standing by to make this easy! Until July 1, you can contact us at
  • After July 1, we’ll be at
  • Post-Unbelts launch, our emails will be automatically forwarded to our new addresses


Get $5 off of your first Unbelt thru June 30, 2017

Head on over to, enter your email address (you'll be signed up for our mailing list), and watch your inbox for a $5 gift card, good for your very first Unbelt order. This gift card will be valid July 1-15, 2017. We'll send you a reminder before we go live.