The Belt That's Got My Back

The Belt That's Got My Back

Hello. I’m CJ, an avid equestrian, digital marketer, and Unbelts enthusiast-turned-Unbassador. You may know me from my days writing with Eventing Nation or Horse Nation, and I even did an Unbelts review there too. Then, my friend Betsy who originally introduced me to Unbelts left to start her own venture (we love you, Betsy!), asked if I’d be interested in helping out with Unbelts on a more regular basis. What? Really? Of COURSE I said yes! So here I am, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, say hi, and tell you a little bit about how my search for a comfortable women’s belt lead me here.

I was originally introduced to Unbelts a few years back and added some to my large belt collection and a lot has happened since then. Sadly, a lot has happened with my back problems, too. My back has gotten better. Then worse. Then better. Then somewhat worse. But it’s still sensitive. It became so sensitive that the closet full of various belts I owned got little use because they all made my back sore by the end of the day. Bye-bye fancy sparkly leather belt and giant silver show buckle I won...

With my bubble-butt and smaller waist, plus working from home in front of a computer between running errands, riding horses and doing farm chores, not wearing a belt just wasn’t an option (unless I wanted saggy pants, no thank you).

Suddenly I needed a comfortable belt all the time and my Unbelts were getting all the attention - they made my back happy too. Next, I got to meet the Unbelt Intrepid and can I say, “wow!”. The non-slip grip was a huge help when wearing jeans, and it’s still soft and stretchy so that I can wear it all day without my back every getting annoyed, or my pants ever sagging. Even when I run outside on lunch break to go for a hack on one of my horses - jeans, breeches, it doesn’t matter. The Unbelt does its job and my pants stay put.

Even better, the belts are far more than just an equestrian belt. They got to travel with me again this year, and the Unbelts Intrepid got to be used with my dress pants as well as jeans. My Unbelts Classic in royal purple and black is my go-to equestrian belt for hunts and hunter paces, as it is both my colours as well as that of my fox hunt, and my other belts all get to play depending on what outfit I am wearing and what matches best. There’s even a leopard print Unbelts Classic for when you’re feeling a little on the wild side! 

But beware - if you have other friends with back pain (*ahem*youknowwhoyouare*ahem*) your belts may end up going for a walk...and never coming back. But more on that later. For now, I’m super excited about some of the new belts coming out, the Classic in new colours, and the brand new hybrid belt.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and interviews from me with other wonderful equestrians, and happy Leap Day!

-CJ Millar