Our prices have changed. Here's why...

Our prices have changed. Here's why...

Hey there!

Thank you for supporting our small but mighty belt company - we truly appreciate it. 

Below is information regarding our recent price increases on our belts, which are in effect now.

We have given this much consideration, and we believe these small increases will produce a significant positive return for our company, community, and you - our valued customers.

Our prices are going up for two reasons:

  1. Our costs have gone up, especially in the past six months. Everything from materials to shipping to local costs of living have been on the rise during the pandemic, and have shot up since the beginning of 2022.

  2. We experimented with a lifetime warranty when we launched the Intrepid belt, and we’re ready to roll it out across our entire product line. Boosting our prices will allow us to offer infinite free repairs or replacements on Classics, Kids, and Intrepid Unbelts. 

So what are the price changes?

  • Kids’ 10-Year Belt have increased from $29 to $35. 
  • Unbelts Classic have increased from $42 to $45. 
  • Unbelts Intrepid has increased from $49 to $59. 

How are we going to continue to make our belts economically accessible?

Economic accessibility has always been important to us. Here’s how we’ll keep Unbelts affordable for community members with any budget:

  • Regular Almost-Perfect sales
  • An increased discount on first-time purchases (to 20%)
  • Introduction of a new loyalty program and regular incentives for our email subscriber list
  • Continued giving program to community closets, and inventory reserved for donation requests 

What's not going to change:

  • Top-quality materials and sustainability-made products
  • Living wages along our whole supply chain
  • Annual giving of at least 2% of our inventory
  • An incredible team here and ready to keep your pants up 

I welcome your questions. Drop me a note at hello@unbelts.com.

Thanks again for being a part of the Unbelts community.



Claire Theaker-Brown,
Unbelts Founder