Meet Jen Pistor - Body Positive Model and Blogger

Meet Jen Pistor - Body Positive Model and Blogger

We’ve admired Jen Pistor for a long time - for her relatable approach to life and fashion, her candidness about her journey to body acceptance, and her sense of humour as she navigates the highs and lows of being a mom (to twins no less!). 

Her blog contains a WEALTH of useful information - about thrifting, repurposing what’s in your closet, and sustainable brands. 

In a continuation of our interview series (missed the first one, with Kimiko Martone? Check it out here), our Marketing Assistant Evelyn chatted with Jen about her personal style, favourite Canadian brands, and the change she hopes to create in her community. 

If you could describe your personal style in three words/phrases, what would they be? 

Mindful, elevated, comfortable.

Jen Pistor, Romper, Snow Leopard Classic Unbelt

We love to celebrate our victories at Unbelts, no matter how large or small they are. What have been some of your “tiny wins” lately? 

I have started an at-home, 30-day yoga challenge for myself.  I've been sticking with it, so that's a win.  I've also been working on wearing more of my wardrobe and trying to have fun creating something new out of things already hanging in my closet. 

I love that you're an advocate for slow, sustainable and ethical fashion and I understand that finding clothes that feel good - for our bodies, budgets and values - can be challenging at times. What are some of your favourite fashion brands that have worked well for you? 

I definitely have some favourites!  Some of which are Free Label, Buttercream Clothing, Oge Ajibe, Connally McDougall, Uniform Handmade.  These are all Canadian, woman-owned brands and designers. Supporting local is so important to me. 

At Unbelts, we often talk about the ways that we can affect change in our community, even if it's through small actions. What kind of change do you hope to influence in your community?  

I really hope to inspire people to be mindful when it comes to their wardrobes and also to rethink the way they shop.  For years I relied on fast fashion and changing trends to define my style.  Over the years there has been much growth through educating myself about the harm the fashion industry creates.  Through my blog and social media channels, I hope to not only share what I have learned, but to show the joy of wearing what you own in new exciting ways, the fun and creativity that can come from thrifting and secondhand shopping, plus to make introductions to slow fashion brands that put size inclusivity, diversity, ethics, and sustainability at the forefront of their business. 

Jen Pistor, Sweater, Cognac Intrepid Unbelt

Thanks for chatting with us Jen! We always learn so many helpful tips and styling ideas from you, and we can’t wait to see what you do next. 

You can keep up with Jen @jenpistor, and check out her writing at We especially love her pieces “Imperfectly Sustainable” and “Budget Friendly and Sustainable Kids Wardrobes”, and her video on styling a dress in the winter (we’re headquartered in a place with endless winter, we need all the tips we can get).

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