Horsin' around. (Yup. We went there.)

Horsin' around. (Yup. We went there.)

We’ve heard of a lot of cool uses for an Unbelt, and we love hearing about all the awesome stuff you’re doing with our stretchy belt around your hips. Hiking? Hairdressing? Chasing toddlers? We thought we’d heard it all.

Until we heard from our customer, Alison, who told us we had the perfect belt on our hands for riding. Horses.


Also, cue every childhood dream of riding ponies Claire has ever had.

Alison mentioned that most riding belts are - guess what? - bulky, pinchy, and overall uncomfy. This bugs us when we’re wearing jeans and sipping lattés, so we could imagine how it felt if we were, you know, trying to leap over fences on horseback.

We wanted to learn more. We sponsored the Canadian Pony Club National Dressage Championships so we could meet real-life equestrians and ask them what they thought of Unbelts. And when we got a pretty awesomely positive response (and gorgeous pics courtesy of our very own Lindsey), we realized we might have a real, live opportunity on our hands.

Lindsey Photographing CPC

That’s why we’re headed next week to CSIO Spruce Meadows "Masters", and setting up shop at the only five-day consumer show we’ve ever attended. It’s exciting and a little scary, which is usually a good sign, but we’ll definitely need you rooting for us... and sending any horse fans you know our way.

Visit us at Spruce Meadows "Masters" at Booth E121 in the Equi-Plex - we can even offer you a FREE rush tickets! Click here and enter SHOP2017 at checkout; you’ll get a printable ticket to present at the gate.

Doing something else cool in an Unbelt (hula-hooping, deep lunging, hitting the farmers’ market)? We want to know! Share your photos on Instagram, tag @unbelts, and add #MyUnbelts.