3 Ways To Surprise Your Awesome Friends With a Bestie Box

3 Ways To Surprise Your Awesome Friends With a Bestie Box

In the hierarchy of needs, we’re pretty sure “keeping pants up” is second only to...

  • supple lips
  • more chocolate

This is why we’ve teamed up with two other businesses to create our first-ever care package: the Bestie Box. The idea here is that we’ve all got a friend who could use a little extra love; by love, of course, we mean a Flatter:Me Belt, JACEK artisanal chocolate bar, and PLANTiful organic lip butter. The only question left: how best to surprise your unsuspecting lady pal with their Bestie Box?


After careful calculations and analyses, our panel of Expert Surprisists offers the following three Bestie Box Reveals:

1. Lunchtime Delivery: Suggest a lunch date out with your bestie, keeping your Bestie Box hidden in the extra-roomy tote bag you’ve planfully brought to work. When you arrive at the restaurant/taco truck, escape for a moment to the bathroom/condiment stand. Visit your server/fellow taco-lover and ask for them to deliver the box to your table along with dessert/their leftovers. Be prepared to tip either way.

2. Grab the Snacks: This one is for the couch-and-movie aficionados out there. Schedule an evening of binge-watching the ‘flix, complete with jammies, snacks, and an invite for your best gal. Plant the Bestie Box in the refrigerator and, when you begin the movie, look extra-snuggled in while wistfully mentioning that you forgot the dip for your chips. When she selflessly treks to the fridge, your bestie will find an awesome surprise! (And you’ll pour her an extra glass of wine for her trouble.)

3. Scavenger Hunt: This method is for the overachievers among us - it requires intense attention to detail and a keen mind for sleuthing. Invite your bestie over to your house and hand her a clue. Our gamemaster Google suggests:

    • Look where things are fresh and cold. It stops the food from getting old.
    • Follow the clues for a gift to you. The first one’s easy - it’s in your shoe!
    • Look for the clues, but don’t get stressed. The first stop is where you get dressed.
    • Lead her through three or four stops before she finds her Bestie Box! [Insert surprised/delighted expression here.]

    *Dusts off hands* Well, there you have it - three expert-approved ways to make your bestie’s February awesome. Have your own strategy for a Bestie Box Reveal? Let us know in the comments. Extra points if it involves haiku or geocaching.

    We’ve got a limited number of Bestie Boxes, but they’re sendable - for free - anywhere in the world, all February long.