10 things to love about the Kids’ 10-Year Unbelt

10 things to love about the Kids’ 10-Year Unbelt

Founder Claire here! I’ve got a 6 and a 3 year-old now (my grey hairs prove it), but I was child-free when I first prototyped a kids’ belt. Our grown-up customers kept asking for a stretch belt for children, so I said yes - as long as they and their kiddos were willing to help.

Over the years, our parent and kid testers have helped us tweak and refine our design to the one you see today. Here’s what we think you’ll love:

  1. Ten ages, one belt. Our belts for kids stretch and adjust with growing bodies, from the terrible twos to the tweentastic twelves.

  2. Extends the life of jeans and pants. Do your kids’ legs and waist seem to need two different sizes? An Unbelt will comfily extend too-small waistbands, or cinch up too-big ones. You’ll get more wear out of each pair of pants either way.

  3. They’re machine washable, right in their belt loops. Rinse the playground right outta there.

  4. 10 years of free repairs. We dare you to wear these out! If your kiddo succeeds… we’re here with our sewing machines ready. Send us your kids’ Unbelt and we’ll fix or replace it.

  5. Loves the planet and its people. The yarn in our elastic kids’ belts is made from recycled water bottles, and our hardware is all-recycled metal. Just like our adult stretch belts, every component comes from our entirely living-wage supply chain.

  6. Easy for little hands to do up. Our simple buckle gives kids independence and mastery. Does your kiddo have limited dexterity? No problem - there’s no need to undo the buckle at all. Leave their top pant button undone and their Unbelt clasped; when nature calls, your little one just has to pull down.

  7. Comes in 7 colours, from fire truck red to icy light blue - plus our brand-new neutral palette. There’s something for everyone.

  8. Hypoallergenic hardware for sensitive skin, just like our grown-up belts.

  9. Sewn in Edmonton, Alberta - we’re the Texas of Canada, and we take denim accessories very seriously.

  10. Last but not least? Our 10-Year Kids’ Belts are always smiling... sometimes outward, sometimes inward. 

Our super-duper-comfy belts for kids are available in brand-new colours just in time for the start of the school year, and you can check ‘em out here. Our whole team is wishing you and your fam an exciting start to the 2022/23 school year; don’t forget to send us your first-day pics.