Flat PM 2.5 Filters

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Accessories Standard / 10-Pack Unbelts
Accessories Unbelts
Accessories Unbelts
Accessories Unbelts
Accessories Standard / 10-Pack Unbelts
Accessories Unbelts
Accessories Unbelts

Flat PM 2.5 Filters

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Size Standard
Pack Size 10-Pack

Made with recycled materials

These replaceable polypropylene filters can be easily inserted into your Unbelts face covering to create a three-layer mask, in accordance with Health Canada's updated guidelines.

Blocking over 99% of particulate matter measuring 2.5 microns or larger, they contain five inner layers, including polypropylene, the Government of Canada's recommended material for inner filters.

  • Softspun nonwoven polypropylene fabric 1
  • Meltblown filter 1
  • Activated carbon
  • Meltblown filter 2
  • Softspun nonwoven polypropylene fabric 2

To use, insert in our masks as-is.

  • Standard filters approximately 3” x 5”
  • Preschooler approximately 2.75" x 4".

Filters can be used and re-used for up to 16 hours total. If your filter becomes damp, remove it with clean hands and allow it to dry before re-inserting. Be sure to remove your filter before washing your Unbelts mask, and wash your hands before and after handling.

Our filters’ efficacy is independently tested by SGS, one of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification companies. 

// Remember, even with a filter, our masks are non-surgical and non-medical grade. They are not designed to replace medical-grade PPE.

// For your safety, all Better Together Collection items are final sale.

Unbelts face masks feature:

● 95% polyester, 5% spandex hydrophobic outer shell

●  Hydrophilic organic cotton inner lining

●  Filter pocket for adult and kids filters.

●  Premium, super-soft elastic strap which secures behind the head, not behind ears

●  Interchangeable straps and around-the-ear loops are available in multiple colour combinations

● The World Health Organization recommends that fabric face coverings be switched out as soon as they become damp or dirty; used masks should not be re-worn – before being laundered – once removed.

●  Machine-wash on the hottest setting and tumble dry low or hang to dry. We strongly recommend using our Best-Ever Laundry Bag to extend the life of your masks by protecting the straps, nose wire and fabric from breakdown.

// Our masks are part of our Better Together collection, which is keeping ethical producers in business by providing products and DIY supplies that promote community health through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our non-medical masks are guided by principles put forth by the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and peer-reviewed, published studies on cloth mask efficacy. Read our citations list here.

// Please note that these are NOT medical-grade masks, surgical masks, procedure masks, or N-95 masks. We recognize that the best prevention for the spread of COVID-19 is staying home. We also realize that many of us have no choice but to participate in public life, and that cloth masks may help limit contagion. 

// For health and safety reasons, all cloth face masks and accessories are final sale.

Sizing details:

●  Pre-schooler (XS): 6.9" from ear to ear, 5.9" from nose bridge to under the chin

●  Kids (S): 7.5" from ear to ear, 6.5" from nose bridge to under the chin

●  Adult/Teen (M/L): 8" from ear to ear, 7.25" nose bridge to under the chin

●  Adult (XL): 8.75" from ear to ear, 7.5" nose to under the chin

●  To measure your ear-to-ear length without a measuring tape, take a string or ribbon and extend it from the front of one ear over the nose to the front of the other ear. Measure the string on a ruler. Your mask should range from this string's full length to about 2" shorter.

●  To measure your nose-to-chin length without a measuring tape, take a string or ribbon and extend it from the top of your nose over your chin and about 1" towards your neck. Measure the string on a ruler. Your mask should range from this string's full length to about 1" shorter.

●  Our masks are made by humans so their measurements may vary slightly between each cut by 1/4" or so, but they will always cover the nose, mouth, and cheeks comfortably to keep you protected. 

●  If in doubt, order up a size. The elastic straps can be tightened, but the mask size is fixed.

View our Sizing Guide.