Unbelts for Equestrians

Heels down, breeches up - we’ve got you covered.

Not just for jeans anymore

We knew we had a great belt for keeping denim snug. But when a customer reached out to tell us we had the perfect accessory for riding pants, we dove into headlong a brand-new world.

We reached out to dozens of riders in our hometown of Edmonton, Alberta and put belts on girls and women of every age, shape, and size. We asked tack shops what their customers looked for not only in belts, but in riding apparel in general. And here’s what we learned:

The sag is real.

Hiking up loose pants is drag; hiking up saggy breeches while riding a moving, 1000-pound animal seems REAL ill-advised. Your pants need to be snug. And guess what? We kiiiiind of keep pants up as, like, our full-time jobs.

Flexibility is everything.

We saw the red marks riders get in their hips and tummies from stiff, bulky belts that don’t move with your body: not cool, people. Our testers were super excited about our stretchy, flexible elastic that hugs every shape.

A sleek look.

Riding is a good-lookin’ sport, but most belt buckles add bulk where you really want to be smooth like buttah. Enter Unbelts’ ⅛-inch buckle, perfectly invisible under show jackets (and approved by English equestrian officials across all disciplines).

Real talk - breeches get nasty.

We’ve seen what’s involved in cleaning up a horse and their stall. We suspected a belt that was machine-washable in the belt loops could be pretty darn handy, and our testers enthusiastically agreed. (There might have been cheering.)

Enter Unbelts.

So - with a few show sponsorships, a legion of remarkable ambassadors who dazzle us every day with videos and pics of them on horseback in our ridiculously comfy, stretchy belts, Unbelts has officially launched in the equestrian community. We’re thrilled to be here. And we’re pretty stoked to spend some time with all the pretty horses, too.

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