Upcycled Bevvie Sleeve

alberta cup cozy

Upcycled Bevvie Sleeve

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Made from offcuts and misprints of our Intrepid elastic, this handy loop can be used as an on-the-go coffee cup holder, an at-home beverage koozie, a keyring, and more. It's ready for action with a grippy silicone lining and a compact carabiner.

This is the first product from Unbelts Loop, our emerging collection that uses sewing room waste to make useful, affordable items for long-term, everyday use.

  • Machine-washable (dryer not recommended)
  • Elastic width: 1.5"
  • Carabiner dimensions: 1.75" with a max opening of 0.75"
  • Loop length (laid flat): 4", stretching to 5.5" (ie. total elastic length is 8" and can accommodate items 8-11" in circumference. Designed to fit standard coffee cups and aluminum cans, and be able to slip onto an average adult wrist)


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