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Lance Cardinal X Unbelts

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Lance Cardinal X Unbelts

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Get the matching belt and mask from our Lance Cardinal collaboration collection.

  • Lance Cardinal Intrepid (Stretchy, comfy and adjustable from 24" to 58" hips)
  • Lance Cardinal Face Mask (Sizing Guide)

The artwork featured on the belt and mask was designed by Lance Cardinal. The four hearts seen on the design represent the sash and flag of the Métis people, the drum of the First Nations, and the inukshuk of the Inuit. The braids of the sweetgrass unite all people together as one Indigenous Nation.

About the Artist 
Lance Cardinal is a 2-Spirited First Nations member of the Bigstone Cree Nation in Treaty 8 territory. His artist name is ᐊᐧᒐᐢᐠ, meaning wacask (Wa-chusk) or muskrat. Lance Cardinal’s multidisciplinary skills and his connection to his culture has allowed him to work with many different organizations all over western and central Canada. Lance has been working for 30 years in the fine arts industry. His incredible journey has given him knowledge as an artist, designer, director, producer, performer, miniaturist, illustrator, teacher, photographer, and philanthropist.

About the Models
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